Atmosphere Meltdown

Atmosphere Meltdown

the Ion Burn series, Book Two

“the spaghetti western of sci-fi noir.”

“Book Two felt like a departure from Book One in the best way. Where Gravity Doesn’t Lie was a planet hopping adventure to rescue a damsel in distress, this story is one of rising tensions of class and ideology.”

– K Moore, Editor

Atmosphere Alert: Seek Pressurized Shelter Immediately

The worst alert to get on the back side of the Moon. When a mine accident in the crater jeopardizes Heaviside City’s oxygen, Earth’s Home Alliance blames it on Resistance sabotage. Joe Drive, ex-Space Force pilot, wants to ignore it all. He’s done with the fight. But a determined widow demands Joe’s help proving her husband was murdered to hide the truth. Joe reluctantly agrees to investigate.

The truth is worse than he imagined. This was no accident. The Home Alliance wants to take over the Moon, and they’ll kill an entire city to do it. The streets fill with armed patrols, the Number 3 Mine goes on lockdown, and Joe and his friends are all over the holoreels as wanted terrorists. The tension on the streets has become a riot.

With the help of a rogue monk, a rebellious teen, a math geek and a strange child living under the kitchen sink, Joe must stop a man who would sacrifice a population as a means to an end. Or, for every soul in Heaviside City, their next breath might be their last.