Joe Drive Sci Fi Adventure Series

Joe Drive
and the Ion Burn Series

Humanity has colonized the solar system. Everything produced by the Moon, Mars and the other colonies goes to Earth’s Home Alliance. The Lowlifes who work the mines and factories scrape by, while Elites live in luxury. For years, the Resistance has fought to correct this imbalance of power. Now rumors of a full rebellion are in the air.

Joe Drive wants nothing to do with it. An ex-Space Force pilot living a hermit’s life on the back side of the Moon, he’s done with the fight. But people keep asking him for help. Despite himself, Joe is drawn back into the larger fray.

Race to catch up as Joe is pulled into adventure after adventure, accompanied by a future-seeing monk from an obscure Foundation, a revolving cast of friends and enemies, and an unshakeable determination to right the wrongs. In a solar system that seems headed for total war, he’ll have plenty to keep him busy.

Gravity Doesn’t Lie – the Ion Burn Series, Book 1

A beautiful woman with an impossible request. A prophecy that says he’ll determine humanity’s future. Assassins at his door. Joe will have to fix this – if only to get some peace and quiet.

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Atmosphere Meltdown – the Ion Burn Series, Book 2

An incident at the mine jeopardizes the city’s oxygen. A grieving widow demands Joe’s help when her husband is killed to conceal the truth. Joe uncovers a plot that could start a war – or kill every soul in Heaviside.

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