About Trigger Jones

Trigger Jones is the love child of thriller author Tony Berryman and mystery plot expert Juanita Rose Violini.

Juanita and Tony bring a dark sense of humour and a shared sense of the absurd to the Trigger Jones stories. They often hash out their plotlines and characters during long road trips. One rule of thumb: if an idea makes them both laugh, it goes in the book.

When not writing Trigger Jones stories, Tony works on thrillers. His first medical thriller, The Night Nurse, pits a massage therapist with an eye for patterns against the last nurse you’d ever want to meet. His second massage therapy thriller, On Borrowed Time, comes out in 2023.

Juanita is a full-time artist and mystery plot consultant. Her book Almanac of The Infamous is a collection of 365 unsolved mysteries and unexplained phenomena. Cluetrail: From Whodunnit to Solution is a step-by-step guide to crafting a fairplay mystery plot. You can find her artwork at Art From The Outpost. You can download murder mystery scripts or book a plot consultation at Mystery Factory.