Time Travel Treasure Hunt Series

The Magpie Junction Stories

The Honey Stone – Book One

Zephyr Brett is about to lose the family store. Rumours, the secondhand curio emporium that has graced the main street of Magpie Junction for a century, holds more secrets than a sultan’s maze. But it is falling down and about to be condemned.

When a tall drink of water called Garrett strolls in and hires her to explore Magpie Mountain and find the Honey Stone – a globe of pure amber last seen over a hundred years before – she takes his money and takes him on a walk through the woods. But a stop at the Crystal Springs Cave and a stray lightning bolt shock them into a trip they’ll never forget.

Zephyr discovers the biggest secret of all, kept by the Brett family women through the ages – the ability to travel back through time.

Catch your breath and run with Zephyr as she discovers the family secret, chases clues to find a stone with a devastating power, and runs from a man who would burn Magpie Junction to the ground. Will she and Garrett find the Honey Stone? Can she save Rumours from a fiery doom? But most important, can she figure out how to get back to her own time? There’s so much her mother forgot to tell her.

The Honey Stone is Book One in the nine-book Time Travel Treasure hunt series. Available soon in ebook and paperback, and soon after that in audiobook.

Or maybe it’s been available for awhile already … time is funny that way.

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