Gravity Doesn’t Lie

Gravity Doesn’t Lie

the Ion Burn series, Book One

“Part Blade Runner, part Chinatown, and completely its own thing, Gravity Doesn’t Lie is a fast and fun dive into a dystopian solar system.” – M. V. Prindle, author of Bob the Wizard

The Lunar colony’s fate will be decided by one man’s actions – and he wants nothing to do with it.

Joe Drive is done being a spacejet pilot, done fighting the Resistance. Living a quiet life on the far side of the Moon. Then an impossible request from the most beautiful woman in the Solar System brings a world of trouble to his door.

Now assassins want him dead, the most powerful Elite off-Earth wants a quiet word, and a young monk from the obscure Peter Foundation says Joe’s mission will determine humanity’s future. The kicker: someone has made a Graviton strong enough to kill everyone on the Moon.

As his Space Force past returns with a vengeance and a hidden plan to crush the Resistance becomes terrifyingly real, Joe has to pull himself together and get off the launch pad. He’ll need to save the girl, protect the Moon, and help the Resistance – if only to get some peace and quiet.

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